One Fine Day

April 14, 2017 § Leave a comment



This a charcoal montage of elements supporting the theme of One Fine Day; our Step Grandmother reading to my daughter, Tanya, when she was a little girl with my Father smiling on the scene.  The organic elements flow in and out of the composition.  It was completed with a loose painterly style.

Falling Peonies

February 8, 2017 § Leave a comment



I haven’t posted in quite some time.  I’m afraid the the winter doldrums had set in.  So here’s a colored pencil of peonies past their prime falling over one another.

Lauren Reading; Gesture and Blind Contour

November 18, 2016 § Leave a comment


I haven’t posted for some time now and so I thought I’d throw in a drawing of my daughter, Lauren using a quick gestural and sometimes blind contour.

Yellow Peonies

August 18, 2016 § 1 Comment


This is a large oil I completed of yellow peonies that were cut from the yard of my daughter and son in law.  Their delicate highlights and unusual colors within the centers drew me in. The petals seemed translucent with hints of green   Intoxicating!!!!

Summer Floral

July 12, 2016 § 2 Comments

I haven’t posted in awhile; therefore I’m offering a floral from the Como Conservatory done in colored pencil

Conservatory Floral

Sleeping Lauren

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This was a quick study of Lauren as she was sleeping completed in pen and ink.

Dragon Fruit

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IMG_3796     I discovered dragon fruit at a co-op some years ago and was taken by their exotic colors, tail like growth, and their resemblance to fish.  I decided to depict them in a pastel swirling through space with their tails flowing after.

Shifting My Area of Focus

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IMG_3566 (2)                    IMG_3566 (3)              IMG_3566 (4)

In this series of pencil drawings of a tropical garden setting, I shifted my area of focus; moving from the left to the right and finally moving lower in order to examine the unique perspectives highlighting the relationships of the forms to each other and the surrounding space.

Views of Persephone

April 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

I’m showing two of my black and white pencil perspectives of Persephone’s stone carved face; one from the front and one from the side

IMG_3578                IMG_3580

This illustrates how your subject can become more interesting as you explore different vantage points and what they have to offer.81VhSYIpL2L._SX522_


Three different Vantage Points of a Floral

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In this series of a floral setting, I chose to frame in different areas.  In the first, I chose to look at a fully bloomed flower and its relationship to its budding elements.


In the second I explored how the composition played out in a horizontal format highlighting its repetitive qualities and creating a sense of motion.


In the third, I centered on the relationship the floral elements had to the surrounding space.