Falling Peonies

February 8, 2017 § Leave a comment



I haven’t posted in quite some time.  I’m afraid the the winter doldrums had set in.  So here’s a colored pencil of peonies past their prime falling over one another.

Area of Focus

January 24, 2016 § 2 Comments


In this drawing on colored paper, I centered the white around the head of Lauren, my sleeping child.  Doing so helps create an area of focus and an element of drama. Chiaroscuro encompasses the style of drawing or painting which reveal an illuminated subject in a darkened environment.  The contour line in the outer areas leads you in and out of the composition.

Borrowing From Others or Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

November 18, 2015 § Leave a comment



This is an oil completed many years ago while in my early learning stages of painting and drawing.  Yet, are we ever done learning?  Part of my self instruction in the beginning was to copy and this was taken from a published photograph. Therefore, I was never able to use this for exhibition or for sale. I learned a lot by examining the work of others.  The goal at the time was to try and capture the tender portrayal by the photographer of a grandmother and small girl.  I was taken by the dramatic light play across the subjects coming from one source, the window; and the added contrast of the darkened room.  While I appreciated the work of the photographer, I began to add touches of my own personality.

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