Twin Cities

Bio: Dr. Mary McNaughton has an extensive history in the fields of drawing and painting. While at the University of Minnesota, she earned a B.A. in Studio Art, a Master's in Design, and her Ph.D. in Applied Design Research. For the past twenty years, she has spent her time researching, lecturing, teaching, and completing her own artwork. You can see her work on Facebook @ Dr. Mary McNaughton and Drawing.

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  • veronicacay says:

    Appreciate you stopping by my site and leaving a comment – I have been drawing with a life drawing weekly group for a couple of years – no formal drawing tuition – and I am only just starting to feel a little bit comfortable – but not too much. I am compelled to draw, I love it and revel in those moments when you actually let go and the lines, forms and patterns flow together. I will enjoy following your site. veronica

  • Hello Mary,
    Its awhile in coming, but thank you for stopping by for a visit and for the follow. I like what I see here. I’m working on a degree in art therapy right now so its nice to see the path others have taken with their art. Love and light.

  • shawnganther says:

    I truly enjoy the “Hazel” series of portraits and the technique used to create them. Hope you’re staying warm over in Minnesota.

  • Hi Dr. Mary. What handsome drawings. I sm so glad to hear from you again, and would like to see more of your work. Will try FB

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