Changing the Palette to Achieve Serial Imagery

March 31, 2016 § 3 Comments

Rather than portraying our subjects just once, it is always beneficial to take our story line further with serial imagery.   One simple approach is to keep the subject the same and simply change the palette.  Here I start with a fairly monochromatic drawing.

Conservatory Floral (12)         Bernard Chaet’s students’ work at Yale have always represented for me the beauty of diverse personalities’ approach to the same subject and how we can always learn from one another.


51YGHBB8RQL._SX367_BO1,204,203,200_The Art of Drawing

Next, I begin to add more color, yet keep the palette quite restricted.

Conservatory Floral (13)

The final drawing in this three drawing series enriches the color scheme even further.

Conservatory Floral (2)

All in all, quite a simple solution to creating serial imagery!


Triptych Demonstrating a Shift in Palette

August 5, 2015 § Leave a comment

This triptych illustrates the importance of serial imagery in telling a story.  Here the palette shifts from warm on the left to cool on the right.  Notice how each palette gives a little of itself to the contrasting one and the center piece incorporates both elements.

2013-10-07 134101_12

Changing Palette; Flowers for Valentines Day

February 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

By keeping the compositions the same and altering the palette, we are better able to see how changes in color affect our work.  In this exercise, we see the contour drawings which provides the framework for the gradations.  Making the drawings constant in similarity allows the differences in the color scheme to become more apparent.

2013-10-07 134101_10

2013-10-07 134101_9

Color Transition

January 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

2013-10-07 134101_12

This is a colored pencil drawing divided into three portions.  The hues move from the warmth of oranges and yellows on the left to cooler pigments of blues and purples on the right.  The middle section allows us to see the gradual tint shifts.  A piece such as this illustrates how color can be changed to accentuate the storyline.

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