Shifting My Area of Focus

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IMG_3566 (2)                    IMG_3566 (3)              IMG_3566 (4)

In this series of pencil drawings of a tropical garden setting, I shifted my area of focus; moving from the left to the right and finally moving lower in order to examine the unique perspectives highlighting the relationships of the forms to each other and the surrounding space.

Views of Persephone

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I’m showing two of my black and white pencil perspectives of Persephone’s stone carved face; one from the front and one from the side

IMG_3578                IMG_3580

This illustrates how your subject can become more interesting as you explore different vantage points and what they have to offer.81VhSYIpL2L._SX522_


Stages of Edie

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This is a series of drawings revealing the stages in a mixed media process using colored pencil and watercolor.  It is of a wonderful dog Edie,whose face reveals such emotion.  The first is the contour demonstrating the light source to show form, the composition, and my personality highlighted by drawing quite blindly and keeping my eye on the subject.

IMG_4048 51Ka8HUr-HL


Second Stage Using Mixed media of Colored pencil and Watercolo

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The next stage is the addition of watercolor to the contour.  Windsor&Newton is a brand I highly recommend.IMG_4201






Imperfections in Printmaking

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Imperfections in Printmaking.

Bird’s Eye View

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IMG_3559This is a three drawing series where we look at a stork within its natural setting. We first zoom in on the eye and beak, then step back taking in more, and finally see the entire setting. Serial imagery provides valuable insight into the connections within our art, it helps tell a story, and allows the viewer to understand it on a personal level                   .IMG_3552


Floral Gradations in Stippling

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I recently posted three floral contours to be completed with the textural gradations of stippling, hatching , and scribble. Here is the first comprised of clusters of stipple marks that create dot like effects to support the contour. It is a time consuming, detail oriented endeavor, yet can also be completed in a looser more painterly manner. IMG_4559IMG_4583

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