Perspehone in Fall

April 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

Persephone IIII

I’ve  been reworking the color on some of my drawings   Again this is the sculpture of Persephone over the doorway of McNeal Hall and part of a series depicting her in the different seasons.  Here, the leaves of the vine are drying, changing color, and falling away in the wind.

Persephone in Summer

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Persephone III   This wonderful sculpture over the doorway of McNeal Hall on the University of Minnesota campus always spoke to me as she hid under the vines of summer. She was part of a series based on the relationship of architectural sculpture to the building it inhabits and its meaning to the surrounding community.

Architectural Sculpture

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I’ve worked a bit more on a drawing depicting architectural sculpture at the University of MN.
old man in the eaves This was part of a series completed to demonstrate the importance of such sculpture to the people within surrounding communities. Our sense of heritage, humanity, and belief system is reflected in these forms.

Flowers Near a Stone Bench

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Staying in the floral mode as everything seems drab outside.Floral with Carved Bench This scene is from the Como Conservatory. I’m examining the relationship between the organic forms and the curvilinear aspects of the sculpted bench.

Conservatory Urn with Flowers

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I just needed to brighten my day and hopefully yours by adding this colored pencil of flowers at the Como Conservatory in St Paul, MN. The colors were amazing!
Floral with Carved Urn

Persephone in Late Spring

November 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

These are two colored pencil drawings from a larger series based on a sculpture of the goddess Persephone, I had portrayed her in the different seasons and these two show her in the sharp cold light of late spring.

Persephone II

Changing from Pencil to a Limited Color Drawing

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A new frame was created for a pencil drawing of mine. It no longer worked as the frame held a similarity to brass. I added a limited palette of browns so that the entire piece could become integrated.IMG_4679



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This pastel drawing highlights complementary colors revealed in the contrast of the icy blue colors of a necklace against the fiery hot yellow oranges of the background.                                                                                                                                                The shapes of the jewelry wind in and out of the picture plane.IMG_3569

Textural Pen & Ink using Hatching

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  • IMG_4560This is the second drawing in a series of pen & ink florals using textural gradation techniques. This one uses hatching which is comprised of hatch marks or parallel and counter parallel lines to create gradations. First is the contour: then the finished drawing using hatching to reveal the underlying form of the subject. IMG_4582

Floral Gradations in Stippling

July 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

I recently posted three floral contours to be completed with the textural gradations of stippling, hatching , and scribble. Here is the first comprised of clusters of stipple marks that create dot like effects to support the contour. It is a time consuming, detail oriented endeavor, yet can also be completed in a looser more painterly manner. IMG_4559IMG_4583

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