The Hand as an Extension of the Eye

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blind contour I

Here is another blind contour done with brush and ink.  The lack of self control becomes even greater using a fluid medium.  The blind approach is used to remove the desire for perfection and allow a more emotional side of yourself to be revealed.  Each of us has a unique contour.  Take the time to explore your personal statement.  The control can come later!

Contour Used in Real Time

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IMG_3464Through the years of studying drawing in both the studio arts and design fields, I have come to appreciate the importance of the contour as the framework for success.  Too many times, I would work on a piece without any real notion of what the finished work would look like.  If it was successful, largely it was because of happen-stance.  When the realization that the contour provides all the information for a well thought out composition came to me, it was a revelation.  I have been a true proponent for its value ever since.  The contour defines the light source, it describes the form of the subject, it reveals the composition of the drawing, but what is even more important; it reveals the personality of the artist.  What more could you ask for?!  I am working on a color drawing of Jess and Frankie, her Boston Terrier.  The light source is coming from the upper left.  Notice how the contour describes the form of her face and what lies under the fur of the dog.  Every area of the drawing is well thought out before creating any gradations.  The outer corners are not given as much prominence as the areas of the faces.  Notice how the contours move from light to dark as they follow the light source and define the three dimensional nature of the subjects.  Examine the relationship of the contour with the border of the drawing as the viewer imagines the continuation of the arm, the bodies outside of the parameters of the piece.  Take the time to see that my contour is uniquely mine and will be very different from yours.  An understanding of the contour and its place in the drawing process is revealed in The Little Book of Drawing.  Feel free to give me input!

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