Jess and Frankie

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We could be two inches tall as we enter this magnified view of Jess and Frankie,  We become part of a sentimental moment when the dog nestles into the arms of his mistress peacefully asleep.  Included are the contour or line drawing, a partially completed gradation, and the final drawing in color pencil.

Letting the Contour do the Work for You!!!

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Here is the contour and finished gradation of a floral.  Notice how the line drawing does most of the work for you.  It reveals the light source, which comes from the right.  It tells a story of flowers nestling into their stems as they bend and reach upward.  The composition gives a great sense of rhythm and repetition and shows an area of focus which is the flower on the right.  Most importantly, it lets your personality shine through.  The gradation should not require as much effort as the preplanning, expression, and the hard work have already been done!

The Hand as an Extension of the Eye

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blind contour I

Here is another blind contour done with brush and ink.  The lack of self control becomes even greater using a fluid medium.  The blind approach is used to remove the desire for perfection and allow a more emotional side of yourself to be revealed.  Each of us has a unique contour.  Take the time to explore your personal statement.  The control can come later!

Sensitive Drawing

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blind contour II

One of the most revealing and purely emotive joys of drawing is the blind contour.  By looking at the subject and not at the paper, a sensitive and personal reflection of who we are is revealed. 

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