Final Version of Edie; Colored Pencil over Watercolor Washes

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This is the final version of Edie; a drawing for Deviant Art.  I previously posted the contour or line drawing and the contour supported by watercolor washes.  This last stage entails layering colored pencil over the watercolor to give the drawing added impact.  I am struck by how sweet this puppy is!!  What kind eyes she has!!

Watercolor Washes for the Drawing of Edie

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ImageThis is the next stage in a drawing of Edie for Deviant Art; a show designed to bring attention to the wonderful nature of Pit Bulls and Rotties.  Here, I’ve created under layers of watercolor washes to the colored pencil that will come next.  You learn so much about the nature of the dog after drawing her.  I now see so clearly her loving personality through her eyes and the power of the dog by the shape of the skull under that fur.  Edie’s yin and yang face provides that balance we seek as we see the lights in the dark half and lights in the dark.  Still plugging away.  Next comes the colored pencil!!

Changing Palette; Flowers for Valentines Day

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By keeping the compositions the same and altering the palette, we are better able to see how changes in color affect our work.  In this exercise, we see the contour drawings which provides the framework for the gradations.  Making the drawings constant in similarity allows the differences in the color scheme to become more apparent.

2013-10-07 134101_10

2013-10-07 134101_9

Color Transition

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2013-10-07 134101_12

This is a colored pencil drawing divided into three portions.  The hues move from the warmth of oranges and yellows on the left to cooler pigments of blues and purples on the right.  The middle section allows us to see the gradual tint shifts.  A piece such as this illustrates how color can be changed to accentuate the storyline.

Persephone in Spring

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Winter 2012 010

Here is a colored pencil of a sculpture of Persephone, the goddess of seasons.  This drawing is part of a larger series based on the subject of sculpture in architecture. I personally would like to see the season of spring return as winter is becoming brutal.  Times like these when one can be thankful for warmth, shelter, and the company of friends and family.  Much to be thankful for in the New Year.  Happy 2014 everyone!

Falling Peonies in the Shadows

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Falling Peonies

Thought I’d give us a reminder of summer with this colored pencil/ pastel of peonies.  It’s dark, wintry, and cold where we are.  While the snow is beautiful, it’s nice to see some color.

Using Watercolor to add Intensity to your Drawing

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2013-10-07 134101_17

This is a piece depicting chili peppers used to demonstrate to my drawing students how watercolor can support drawing.  I added pen and ink and pastel to refine the details and add intensity.  I particularly enjoy the looseness of the wash with the clarity of the pen and pastel.

Reworking Jess and Frankie

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I’ve changed the drawing of Jess and Frankie submitted in a previous post.  I’ve brought up the contrasts, color and value, allowing the dog to project forward,  I chose to take the liberty of pulling the blanket up and over the subjects.  This device provides continuity as it moves throughout the composition.  The blanket also helps to tell the story of a young woman and her dog nestling into its warmth and softness.  Still not sure if I’m done.  Any comments and advice are welcome!!

Flowers Taking my Mind off Writing

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Conservatory FloralFloral with Carved BenchFloral with Carved Urn

I’ve been working on writing about color drawing lately and I have to say I’m really up in my head.  For all you writers out there, I hope you know what I mean.  Writing is as intense as drawing and both, when working under a time constraint, cause my brain to hurt.  Very cerebral!!  So I thought I’d post a few floral images to take my mind off things.  These were an examination of organic forms as they related to sculptural images such as urns and a garden bench,

Old Man in the Eaves

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old man in the eaves

Pillsbury Hall Sculpture

Here’s a look at two views depicting the architectural sculpture of an old man under the eaves of Pillsbury Hall on the campus of the University of Minnesota.  The work was completed in colored pencil, Conte’ crayon, and pastel and on two very different papers; Canson colored and a Fabriano hot press showing two different vantage points and two different effects,  The drawings were part of a series looking at the relationship of the buildings we create and the architectural ornamentation that adorns them. 

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